Availability of medicines in Estonia: an analysis of existing barriers and options to address them

Autorid: Ferrario A, Reinap M, Bak Pedersen H, Kanavos P
Väljaandja/tellija: WHO Regional Office for Europe
Märksõnad: ravimikasutus, ravimipoliitika, ravimid, tervishoiuteenused
Välja antud: 2016
Avaldamise koht: Copenhagen
Tüüp: Uuring/analüüs
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Alamvaldkonnad:Terviseteenuste korraldus, kättesaadavus ja kvaliteet
Kirjeldus: The limited selection of available medicines in Estonia ¿ in terms of different formulations and number of generics on the market in comparison with other European Union (EU) countries ¿ was highlighted both in the draft medicine policy and by the National Audit Office (NAO) in its 2012 audit. As a response to these problems, the former government coalition (April 2014 to March 2015) asked the Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA) to develop a proposal to improve the situation. The present study aimed to collect and analyse evidence to inform such a proposal.
The study aimed to identify possible barriers to increasing the availability of medicines in Estonia and to suggest options to overcome them. The analysis included a review of relevant national and EU legislation regulating the marketing of pharmaceuticals and local practices relating to pricing, reimbursement and procurement.