Health in the Baltic Countries 2014

Väljaandja/tellija: Tervise Arengu Instituut
Märksõnad: tervishoiukorraldus, tervishoiukulud, haigestumus, suremus, surmapõhjused, kasvajad, nakkushaigused, statistika
Välja antud: 2016
Avaldamise koht: Tallinn
Tüüp: Uuring/analüüs
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Alamvaldkonnad:Rahvastiku tervise ajatrendid
Kirjeldus: "Health in the Baltic Countries 2014" is the twenty third edition of the
series and is aimed at providing a basis for the comparison of health
statistics of the three Baltic states - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
The report presents an overview of the Baltics¿ health related indicators in
2014 compared with previous years. The publication is divided into three
chapters. The first chapter includes information concerning socio-economic
data, population structure, life expectancy, healthy life years, health
behaviour and fertility indicators. The second chapter focuses on mortality
and morbidity. The last part compares health care services and resources
and their use.
The most important sources of data for this publication were various
institutions, registries and national statistics offices. World Health
Organization Health for All database, Eurostat database and Organisation
for Economic Co-operation and Development database were the sources
for data of other European countries and the European Union average.
More information can be found from the countries¿ health related
institutions and national statistics offices websites, and their online