Some aspects of social exclusion: Do they influence suicide mortality?

Autorid: Yur'yev A , Värnik P , Sisask M , Leppik L
Väljaandja/tellija: Int J Soc Psychiatry
Märksõnad: Euroopa, suitsiidid, vaimne tervis, sotsiaalne kaasatus, majandus, mehed, naised
Välja antud: 2011
Tüüp: Teaduslik artikkel/kogumik
Viide: Yur'yev A, Värnik P, Sisask M, Leppik L, Lumiste K, Värnik A. Some aspects of social exclusion: Do they influence suicide mortality? Int J Soc Psychiatry 2011
Alamvaldkonnad:Vaimne tervis
Kirjeldus: Background: The current study is aimed to assess the relationship between the "economic/employment" and "social/welfare" dimensions of social exclusion and suicide mortality in Europe.

Methods: Suicide rates for 26 countries were obtained from the WHO. Data on social expenditure were obtained from the OECD database. Employment rates and GDP were obtained from the Total Economy Database. Questions about citizens' attitudes towards different aspects of social exclusion were taken from the European Social Survey. Structural equation modelling was applied to research the theoretical structure of the variables.

Results: All variables are statistically significant in male and female models except of the relationships between "economic/employment" and "social/welfare" dimensions and female suicides; and the relationship between "employment rates" and "economic/employment" dimension. Suicide mortality rates among both males and females are influenced negatively by "economic/employment" and "social/welfare" dimensions. Among females, the influence of "social/welfare" dimension is stronger compared to the "economic/employment" dimension. The remaining influence of GDP is positive in both models.

Conclusions: Both "economic/employment" and "social/welfare" dimensions of social exclusion significantly influence suicide mortality among males. The influence of "economic/employment" and "social/welfare" dimensions of social exclusion on female suicide mortality is controversial. Social exclusion might be considered as a risk factor for suicide mortality in Europe.