What do children understand? Communicating health behavior in a European multicenter study

Autorid: Hebestreit A , Keimer KM , Hassel H , Nappo A , Eiben G , Fernández JM , Kovacs E , Lasn H , Shiakou M , Ahrens W
Väljaandja/tellija: Journal of Public Health
Märksõnad: toitumine, füüsiline aktiivsus, kehakaal, lapsed, tervisekäitumine, lapsevanemad, ennetamine, suhted
Välja antud: 2010
Tüüp: Teaduslik artikkel/kogumik
Viide: Antje Hebestreit, Katharina Maria Keimer, Holger Hassel, et al. What do children understand? Communicating health behavior in a European multicenter study. Journal of Public Health 2010;18:391-401.
Füüsiline aktiivsus
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Kirjeldus: Background
Diet and physical activity are important factors in the prevention of childhood overweight. This article stresses the importance of effective communication for health behavior.

Transcription, description and analysis of standardized focus group discussions (FGD) in seven European countries using standardized questioning routes.

Parents are well informed about health-related topics for children, but seem to have difficulties understanding their role in promoting healthy behavior. They mentioned health-related rules, but our results show limited communication between parents and children, and no follow-up of rules. Consequently, children do not understand rules about good health and do not follow them.

Effective and sustainable intervention programs should focus on educational methods and, using parental role modeling, facilitate parents' comprehension of their key role in setting rules and controlling them in order to communicate good health behavior to their children.