The Development of eServices in an Enlarged EU: eGovernment and eHealth in Estonia

Autorid: Kalvet T , Aaviksoo A
Väljaandja/tellija: Euroopa Komisjon
Märksõnad: tervishoiukorraldus, tervishoid, tervisepoliitika, majandus
Välja antud: 2008
Tüüp: Uuring/analüüs
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Alamvaldkonnad:Tervisepoliitika planeerimine ja juhtimine
Kirjeldus: This report was produced by Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences of Tallinn University of
Technology, the consortium member from Estonia, with the involvement of experts from PRAXIS
Centre for Policy Studies, and it presents the results of the research on eGovernment and eHealth in
First, it describes Estonia's government and health system and the role played by eGovernment and
eHealth within this system. Then, the major technical, economic, political, ethical and socio-cultural
factors of the eGovernment and eHealth developments, as well as the major drivers and barriers for
them in the country, are assessed. These provide the basis for the identification and discussion of
policy options to address the major challenges and to suggest R&D issues for facing the needs of the
country. The report reflects the views of the authors and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the
European Commission. Its content has been peer reviewed by national experts, ICEG EC, and IPTS.