Amor youth clinic network in Estonia

Autorid: Pertel T , Part K , Toomet K , Sikk K , Haldre K , Kaha M , Laur K , Kütt P
Märksõnad: noored, seksuaalkäitumine, nõustamine, terviseteenused, tervishoiukorraldus, reproduktiivtervis, sugulisel teel nakkavad haigused, finantseerimine
Välja antud: 2009
Tüüp: Raport
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Alamvaldkonnad:Terviseteenuste korraldus, kättesaadavus ja kvaliteet
Seksuaal- ja reproduktiivkäitumine
Kirjeldus: From the World Health Organization (WHO), this 56-page report explores the process of setting up a network of youth-friendly, free-of-charge sexual and reproductive health clinics in Estonia. In 2006, WHO's department of Child and Adolescent Health and Development (CAH) published a systematic review of the effectiveness of 12 interventions to improve the use of health services by adolescents in developing countries. CAH subsequently supported the documentation of 3 outstanding initiatives in different developing country settings - amongst them, this one from Estonia. As of late 2009, 18 Amor youth clinics in 14 counties had been set up to offer medical and psychological counselling (i.e. contraceptive counselling, sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and management, HIV testing and counselling, pre-abortion and post-abortion counselling, gynaecological and urological examination, sexual counselling, psychological counselling and counselling after sexual violence), as well as sexual education lectures. In addition, telephone and online counselling are provided. Amor clinics serve men and women up to age 25.