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Kokku: 83 | Näitan: 25-83

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2009 Female ever-smoking, education, emancipation and economic development in 19 European countriesSchaap MM; Kunst AE; Leinsalu M; Espelt A; Ekholm O; Helmert U; Klumbiene J; Mackenbach JP; Social Science & Medicine
2009 Food Contamination Control in European New Member States and Associated Candidate Countries. Data Collected within the Safefoodnet ProjectVisentin S; Moretto A; Roots O; Tasiopoulou S; Maggioni S; Benfenati E; Colosio C; Journal of Environmental Sciences and Health
2010 Food-related risks. SPECIAL EUROBAROMETER 354European Commission; European Food Safety Authority; TNS Opinion & Social
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2012 Health at a Glance. Europe 2012OECD
2005 Illicit drug use in the EU: legislative approachesEMCDDA
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2014 Innovations in health care and mortality trends from five cancers in seven European countries between 1970 and 2005Hoffmann, R; Plug, I; McKee, M; Khoshaba, B; Westerling, R; Looman, C; Rey, G; Jougla, E; Lang, Katrin; Pärna, Kersti; Mackenbach, J P; International Journal of Public Health
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2004 Narkoprobleemide olukord Euroopa Liidus ja Norras 2004EMCDDA
2009 Optimizing Suicide Prevention Programs and Their Implementation in Europe (OSPI-Europe): An evidence-based multi-level approachHegerl U; Wittenburg L; Arensmann E; Van Audenhove C; Coyne JC; McDaid D; van der Feltz-Cornelis CM; Gusmao R; Kopp M; Maxwell M; Meise U; Roskar S; Sarchiapone M; Schmidtke A; Värnik A; Bramesfeld A; BMC Public Health
2010 Patterns of care for European colorectal cancer patients diagnosed 1996-1998: a EUROCARE High Resolution StudyGatta G; Zigon G; Aareleid T; Ardanaz E; Bielska-Lasota M; Galceran J; Godz S; Hakulinen T; Martinez-Garcia C; Plesko I; Primic Zakelj M; Rachtan J; Tagliabue G; Acta Oncologica
2015 Potentially harmful excipients in neonatal medicines: a pan-European observational studyNellis, Georgi; Metsvaht, Tuuli; Varendi, Heili; et al; Archives of Disease in Childhood
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2012 Prevalence of pathological internet use among adolescents in Europe: demographic and social factorsDurkee T; Kaess M; Carli V; Parzer P; Addiction
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2017 Quality analysis of population-based information on cancer stage at diagnosis across Europe, with presentation of stage-specific cancer survival estimates: A EUROCARE-5 studyMinicozzi, P; Innos, Kaire; Sanchez, MJ; et al; European Journal of Cancer
2002 Raport on the drug situation in the candidate CEECs 2002EMCDDA
2011 Reproducibility of food consumption frequencies derived from the Children's Eating Habits Questionnaire used in the IDEFICS studyLanfer A; Hebestreit A; Ahrens W; Krogh V; Sieri S; Lissner L; Eiben G; Siani A; Huybrechts I; Loit HM; Papoutsou S; Kovács E; Pala V; International Journal of Obesity
2012 Role of social welfare in European suicide preventionYur'yev A; Värnik A; Värnik P; Sisask M; Leppik L; International Journal of Social Welfare
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2010 Suicide registration in eight European countries: a qualitative analysis of procedures and practicesVärnik P; Sisask M; Värnik A; Laido Z; Meise U; Ibelshäuser A; van Audenhove C; Reynders A; Kocalevent RD; Kopp M; Dosa A; Coffey C; Arensman E; van der Feltz-Cornelis CM; Gusmão R; Hegerl U; Forensic Science International
2008 Tallinna harta: tervisesüsteemid tervise ja jõukuse heaksWHO Regional Office for Europe
2009 Teacher, peer, and parent autonomy support in physical education and leisure-time physical activity: A trans-contextual model of motivation in four nationsHagger M; Chatzisarantis N; Hein V; Soós I; Lintunen T; Karsai I; Leemans S; Psychology and Health
2008 Tegevuse kokkuvõte. Tervisega seotud õigluse parandamine ELis tervist mõjutavate sotsiaalsete tegurite kauduProjekt DETERMINE
2010 Tervisestatistika Eestis ja Euroopas 2007Tervise Arengu Instituut
2013 Tervisestatistika Eestis ja Euroopas 2007, 2009 ja 2011Tervise Arengu Instituut
2004 Tervishoiutöötajate väljaränne Eestist: väljarände suurus, mõju tervishoiutöötajate vajadusele ja võimalikud poliitikavalikudVõrk A; Priinits M; Kallaste E; Poliitikauuringute Keskus Praxis
2013 Testicular cancer in Europe and the USA: survival still rising among older patientsVerhoeven, RH; Gondos, A; Janssen-Heijnen, ML; Ann Oncol
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2011 The IDEFICS community-oriented intervention programme: a new model for childhood obesity prevention in Europe?De Henauw S; Verbestel V; Mårild S; Barba G; Bammann K; Eiben G; Hebestreit A; Iacoviello L; Gallois K; Konstabel K; Kovács E; Lissner L; Maes L; Molnár D; Moreno LA; Reisch L; Siani A; Tornaritis M; Williams G; Ahrens W; De Bourdeaudhuij I; Pigeot I; International Journal of Obesity
2003 The state of the drugs problem in the acceding and candidate countries to the European Union 2003EMCDDA
2017 The use of excipients in medicines administered to neonates in EuropeNellis, Georgi; Tartu Ülikool
2010 Toidu tarbimise trendid Eestis - projekt ANEMOSPitsi T; Paats M; Tikva P; Statistikaamet
2009 Töökeskkonna riskide vähendamise võimalused Eestis lähtudes OSHA Euroopa Ühenduse strateegia põhieesmärkidest aastateks 2007-2012Tarmas G; Tallinna Tehnikaülikool: Matemaatika-loodusteaduskond
2012 Töövõimetuse hindamine, asendussissetuleku võimaldamine ja tööalane rehabilitatsioon Eestis ja viies Euroopa Liidu riigisVeldre V; Masso M; Osila L; Kruus P; Poliitikauuringute Keskus Praxis
2010 Trends in the epidemiology of bacterial sexually transmitted infections in eastern Europe, 1995-2005Uusküla A; Puur A; Toompere K; DeHovitz J; Sexually transmitted infections
2005 Uimastiprobleemide olukord Euroopas 2005EMCDDA
2006 Uimastiprobleemide olukord Euroopas 2006EMCDDA
2007 Uimastiprobleemide olukord Euroopas 2007EMCDDA
2008 Uimastiprobleemide olukord Euroopas 2008EMCDDA
2011 Uimastiprobleemide olukord Euroopas 2011EMCDDA
2012 Validity of suicide statistics in Europe in relation to undetermined deaths: developing the 2-20 benchmarkVärnik P; Sisask M; Värnik A; Arensman E; Inj. Prev
2008 Variable spikes in tick-borne encephalitis incidence in 2006 independent of variable tick abundance but related to weatherRandolph SE; Asokliene L; Avsic-Zupanc T; Bormane A; Burri C; Gern L; Golovljova I; Hubalek Z; Knap N; Kondrusik M; Kupca A; Pejcoch M; Vasilenko V; Zygutiene M; Parasit Vectors
2010 Variation in "standard care" for breast cancer across Europe: a EUROCARE-3 high resolution studyAllemani C; Storm H; Voogd AC; Holli K; Izarzugaza I; Torrella-Ramos A; Belska-Lasota M; Aareleid T; Ardanaz E; Colonna M; Crocetti E; Danzon A; Federico M; Garau I; Grosclaude P; Hedelin G; Martinez-Carcia C; Peignaux K; Plesko I; Primic-Zakelj M; Rachtan J; Tabliabue G; Tumino R; Traina A; Tryggvadottir L; Vercelli M; Sant M; European Journal of Cancer
2012 Vähielulemus Eestis võrdluses teiste Euroopa riikidega aastatel 1990-2009 EUNICE elulemusuuringu aluselAareleid, Tiiu; Mägi, Margit; Eesti Arst
2010 Vähiepidemioloogia, andmekaitse, eetika: ühel koosolekul arutatustRahu M; Eesti Arst
2009 Vigastused EestisLai T; Köhler K; Rooväli L; Sotsiaalministeerium
2011 Visual impairment and quality of life in the older European population, the EUREYE studySeland JH; Vingerling JR; Augood CA; Bentham G; Chakravarthy U; deJong PT; Rahu M; Soubrane G; Tomazzoli L; Topouzis F; Fletcher AE; Acta Ophthalmol

Kokku: 83 | Näitan: 25-83