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2009 A cross-national profile of bullying and victimization among adolescents in 40 countriesCraig W; Harel-Fish Y; Fogel-Grinvald H; Dostaler S; Hetland J; Simons-Morton B; Molcho M; Overpeck M; Due P; Pickett W; Aasvee K; International Journal of Public Health
2014 Innovations in health care and mortality trends from five cancers in seven European countries between 1970 and 2005Hoffmann, R; Plug, I; McKee, M; Khoshaba, B; Westerling, R; Looman, C; Rey, G; Jougla, E; Lang, Katrin; Pärna, Kersti; Mackenbach, J P; International Journal of Public Health
2009 Overweight in school-aged children and its relationship with demographic and lifestyle factors: results from the WHO-Collaborative Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) studyHaug E; Rasmussen M; Samdal O; Iannoti R; Kelly C; Borraccino A; Vereecken C; Melkevik O; Lazzeri G; Giacchi M; Ercan O; Due P; Ravens-Sieberer U; Currie C; Morgan A; Ahluwalia N; Aasvee K; International Journal of Public Health
2009 Social inequalities in the use of health care services after 8 years of health care reforms - a comparative sutdy of the Baltic countriesHabicht J; Kiivet R-A; Habicht T; Kunst A; International Journal of Public Health

Kokku: 4 | Näitan: 1-4