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Välja antudPealkiriAutor(id), Väljaandja/tellija
2008 15 aastat teadusuuringuid Eesti-Rootsi Vaimse Tervise ja Suitsidoloogia Instituudis: ülevaade tulemustestVärnik A; Sisask M; Kõlves K; Eesti Arst
2010 Baltic Suicide ParadoxVärnik A; Sisask M; Värnik P; Tallinna Ülikooli Kirjastus
2008 Children's Depression Inventory in Estonia : Single items and factor structure by age and genderSamm A; Värnik A; Tooding LM; Sisask M; Kõlves K; von Knorring AL; European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
2010 Community and health professionals' attitude toward depression: a pilot study in 9 EAAD countriesScheerder G; van Audenhove C; Arensman E; Bernik B; Giupponi G; Horel AC; Maxwell M; Sisask M; Szekely A; Värnik A; Hegerl U; International Journal of Social Psychiatry
2009 Depressiivsete ja suitsidaalsete kooliõpilaste seksuaalkäitumineHeidmets L; Samm A; Sisask M; Kõlves K; Visnapuu P; Aasvee K; Värnik A; Eesti Arst
2008 Do Survivors Respond Differently When Alcohol Abuse Complicates Suicide? Findings from the Psychological Autopsy Study in EstoniaTall K; Kõlves K; Sisask M; Värnik A; Drug and Alcohol Dependence
2011 Drug suicide: a sex-equal cause of death in 16 European countriesVärnik A; Sisask M; Värnik P; Wu J; Kõlves K; Arensman E; Maxwell M; Reisch T; Gusmão R; van Audenhove C; Scheerder G; van der Feltz-Cornelis CM; Coffey C; Kopp M; Szekely A; Roskar S; Hegerl U; BMC Public Health
2010 Employment status influences suicide mortality in EuropeYuryev A; Värnik A; Värnik P; Sisask M; Leppik L; International Journal of Social Psychiatry
2011 Familicide and suicide in a case of gambling dependenceAnderson A; Sisask M; Värnik A; Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology
2010 Is religiosity a protective factor against attempted suicide: a cross-cultural case-control studySisask M; Värnik A; Kõlves K; Bertolote JM; Bolhari J; Botega NJ; Fleischmann A; Vijayakumar L; Wasserman D; Archives of Suicide Research
2010 Massive increase in injury deaths of undetermined intent in ex-USSR Baltic and Slavic countries: Hidden suicides?Värnik P; Sisask M; Värnik A; Yur'yev A; Kõlves K; Leppik L; Nemtsov A; Wasserman D; Scandinavian Journal of Public Health
2012 Media Roles in Suicide Prevention: A Systematic ReviewSisask M; Värnik A; International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
2012 Role of social welfare in European suicide preventionYur'yev A; Värnik A; Värnik P; Sisask M; Leppik L; International Journal of Social Welfare
2010 Saving and Empowering Young Lives in Europe (SEYLE): a randomized controlled trialWasserman D; Carli V; Wasserman C; Apter A; Balazs J; Bobes J; Brakale R; Brunner R; Bursztein-Lipsicas C; Corcoran P; Cosman D; Durkee T; Feldman D; Gadoros J; Guillemin F; Haring C; Kahn JP; Kaess M; Keeley H; Marusic D; Nemes B; Postuvan V; Reiter-Theil S; Resch F; Saiz P; Sarchiapone M; Sisask M; Värnik A; Hoven CW; BMC Public Health
2009 Severity of attempted suicide as measured by the Pierce Suicidal Intent ScaleSisask M; Värnik A; Kõlves K; Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention
2010 Sexual behavior, depressive feelings and suicidality among Estonian schoolchildren aged 13 to 15 yearsHeidmets L; Samm A; Sisask M; Kõlves K; Aasvee K; Värnik A; Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention
2010 Social inclusion affects elderly suicide mortalityYur'yev A; Leppik L; Tooding L-M; Sisask M; Värnik P; Wu J; Värnik A; International Psychogeriatrics
2011 Some aspects of social exclusion: Do they influence suicide mortality?Yur'yev A; Värnik P; Sisask M; Leppik L; Int J Soc Psychiatry
2008 Subjective psychological well-being (WHO-5) in assessment of the severity of suicide attemptSisask M; Värnik A; Kõlves K; Konstabel K; Wasserman D; Nordic Journal of Psychiatry
2012 Suicidal ideation, risk factors, and communication with parentsMark L; Samm A; Tooding L-M; Sisask M; Crisis

Kokku: 24 | Näitan: 1-20