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2019 Comorbidities, age and period of diagnosis influence treatment and outcomes in early breast cancerMinicozzi, P; Van Eycken, L; Molinie, F; et al; International Journal of Cancer
2020 Comorbidities, timing of treatments, and chemotherapy use influence outcomes in stage III colon cancer: A population-based European studyMinicozzi, P; Vicentini, M; Innos, K; et al; European Journal of Surgical Oncology
2018 Is low survival for cancer in Eastern Europe due principally to late stage at diagnosis?Minicozzi, P; Walsh, PM; Sanchez, MJ; et al; European Journal of Cancer
2017 Quality analysis of population-based information on cancer stage at diagnosis across Europe, with presentation of stage-specific cancer survival estimates: A EUROCARE-5 studyMinicozzi, P; Innos, Kaire; Sanchez, MJ; et al; European Journal of Cancer

Kokku: 4 | Näitan: 1-4