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Kokku: 49 | Näitan: 18-37

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2017 How to reverse first time donors to become regular donors? A questionnaire survey in EstoniaVeerus, P; Kullaste, R; Pungas, K; et al; Transfusion Clinique et Biologique
2020 Implementing an Updated "Break the Cycle" Intervention to Reduce Initiating Persons into Injecting Drug Use in an Eastern European and a US "opioid epidemic" SettingDes Jarlais, D; Uusküla, A; Talu, A; et al; AIDS and Behavior
2019 In-vehicle noise exposure among military personnel depending on type of vehicle, riding compartment and road surfaceLuha, Assar; Merisalu, Eda; Reinvee, M; et al; BMJ Military Health
2019 Increasing incidence and survival of corpus uteri cancer in Estonia over the past two decadesOjamaa, Kristiina; Veerus, Piret; Baburin, Aleksei; et al; Cancer Epidemiology
2018 Increasing kidney cancer incidence and survival in Estonia: role of age and stageInnos, Kaire; Sepp, Teesi; Baburin, Aleksei; et al; Acta Oncologica
2018 Is low survival for cancer in Eastern Europe due principally to late stage at diagnosis?Minicozzi, P; Walsh, PM; Sanchez, MJ; et al; European Journal of Cancer
2019 Kirurgiline ravi Eestis: kuus operatsiooni arvudesKiivet, Raul-Allan; Pisarev, Heti; Ringmets, Inge; et al; Tartu Ülikool. Peremeditsiini ja rahvatervishoiu instituut
2019 Low cholesterol levels in children predict impulsivity in young adulthoodTomson-Johanson, Katin; Kaart, Tanel; Kiivet, Raul-Allan; et al; Acta Neuropsychiatrica
2018 Macroeconomic changes and trends in dental care utilization in Estonia and Lithuania in 2004-2012: a repeated cross-sectional studyLeinsalu, Mall; Reile, Rainer; Vals, Kaire; et al; BMC Oral Health
2019 Missed opportunities for HIV testing in people diagnosed with HIV, Estonia, 2014 to 2015Rüütel, Kristi; Lemsalu, Liis; Lätt, Sirly; et al; Euro Surveillance
2019 Mortality Related to Cold Temperatures in Two Capitals of the Baltics: Tallinn and RigaAström, DO; Veber, T; Martinsone, Ž; et al; Medicina (Kaunas)
2019 Patterns of survival and surgical treatment in lung cancer patients in Estonia by histologic type and stage, 1996-2016Innos, Kaire; Oselin, Kersti; Laisaar, Tanel; et al; Acta Oncologica
2018 Personality traits and escitalopram treatment outcome in major depressionAluoja, A; Tõru, I; Raag, M; et al; Nordic Journal of Psychiatry
2018 Pertussis and parapertussis in children and adults with a persistent cough: an observational studyJõgi, Piia; Oona, Marje; Kaart, Tanel; et al; Infection
2018 Polyvictimization and the Associations Between Poor Self-Perceived Health, Dissatisfaction With Life, and Sexual Dysfunction Among Women in EstoniaLippus, Hedda; Laanpere, Made; Part, Kai; et al; Journal of Interpersonal Violence
2015 Potentially harmful excipients in neonatal medicines: a pan-European observational studyNellis, Georgi; Metsvaht, Tuuli; Varendi, Heili; et al; Archives of Disease in Childhood
2019 Predicted temperature-increase-induced global health burden and its regional variabilityLee, JY; Kim, H; Gasparrini, A; et al; Environment International
2019 Prostate cancer incidence and mortality in the Baltic states, Belarus, the Russian Federation and UkrainePatasius, A; Innos, K; Barchuk, A; et al; BMJ Open
2017 Prostate cancer incidence, mortality and survival trends in Estonia, 1995-2014Innos, Kaire; Baburin, Aleksei; Kotsar, Andres; et al; Scandinavian Journal of Urology
2017 Quality analysis of population-based information on cancer stage at diagnosis across Europe, with presentation of stage-specific cancer survival estimates: A EUROCARE-5 studyMinicozzi, P; Innos, Kaire; Sanchez, MJ; et al; European Journal of Cancer

Kokku: 49 | Näitan: 18-37