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Kokku: 11 | Näitan: 5-11

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2011 Fitness and fatness from childhood to adolescence and from adolescence to young adulthoodLabayen I; Ruiz JR; Ortega FB; Harro J; Merenäkk L; Oja L; Veidebaum T; Sjostrom M; International Journal of Obesity
2011 Improvements in fitness reduce the risk of becoming overweight across pubertyOrtega FB; Labayen I; Ruiz JR; Kurvinen E; Loit HM; Harro J; Veidebaum T; Sjöström M; Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
2010 Intergenerational Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Involves Both Maternal and Paternal BMILabayen I; Ruiz J; Ortega FB; Loit H-M; Harro J; Veidebaum T; Sjöström M; Diabetes Care
2009 Prevalence and determinants of childhood overweight and obesity in European countries: pooled analysis of existing surveys within the IDEFICS consortiumPigeot I; Barba G; Chadjiogeorgiou C; deHenauw S; Kourides Y; Lissner L; Marild S; Pohlabein H; Russo P; Tomaritis M; Veidebaum T; Wavro N; Siani A; International Journal of Obesity
2011 Sleep duration and activity levels in Estonian and Swedish children and adolescentsOrtega FB; Ruiz JR; Labayen I; Kwak L; Harro J; Oja L; Veidebaum T; Sjöström M; European Journal of Applied Physiology
2011 Stability of the factorial structure of metabolic syndrome from childhood to adolescence: a 6-year follow-up studyMartínez-Vizcaino V; Ortega FB; Solera-Martínez M; Ruiz JR; Labayen I; Eensoo D; Harro J; Loit HM; Veidebaum T; Sjöström M; Cardiovasc Diabetol
2012 Validity of uni-axial versus tri-axial accelerometers in the assessment of free-living energy expenditure in young children: The IDEFICS Validation StudyOjiambo R; Konstabel K; Veidebaum T; Reilly J; Journal of Applied Physiology

Kokku: 11 | Näitan: 5-11