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Kokku: 6 | Näitan: 2-6

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2009 Pathological Gambling in Estonia: Relationships with Personality, Self-Esteem, Emotional States and Cognitive AbilityKaare P-R; Mõttus R; Konstabel K; Journal of Gambling Studies
2008 Subjective psychological well-being (WHO-5) in assessment of the severity of suicide attemptSisask M; Värnik A; Kõlves K; Konstabel K; Wasserman D; Nordic Journal of Psychiatry
2011 The IDEFICS community-oriented intervention programme: a new model for childhood obesity prevention in Europe?De Henauw S; Verbestel V; Mårild S; Barba G; Bammann K; Eiben G; Hebestreit A; Iacoviello L; Gallois K; Konstabel K; Kovács E; Lissner L; Maes L; Molnár D; Moreno LA; Reisch L; Siani A; Tornaritis M; Williams G; Ahrens W; De Bourdeaudhuij I; Pigeot I; International Journal of Obesity
2011 Using the intervention mapping protocol to develop a community-based intervention for the prevention of childhood obesity in a multi-centre European project: the IDEFICS interventionVerbestel V; De Henauw S; Maes L; Haerens L; Mårild S; Eiben G; Lissner L; Moreno LA; Frauca NL; Barba G; Kovács E; Konstabel K; Tornaritis M; Gallois K; Hassel H; De Bourdeaudhuij I; International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity
2012 Validity of uni-axial versus tri-axial accelerometers in the assessment of free-living energy expenditure in young children: The IDEFICS Validation StudyOjiambo R; Konstabel K; Veidebaum T; Reilly J; Journal of Applied Physiology

Kokku: 6 | Näitan: 2-6