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Kokku: 1696 | Näitan: 184-203

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2015 Combined prevention for persons who inject drugs in the HIV epidemic in a transitional country: the case of Tallinn, EstoniaUusküla, Anneli; Des Jarlais, DC; Raag, Mait; Pinkerton, SD; Feelemyer, J; AIDS Care
2010 Community and health professionals' attitude toward depression: a pilot study in 9 EAAD countriesScheerder G; van Audenhove C; Arensman E; Bernik B; Giupponi G; Horel AC; Maxwell M; Sisask M; Szekely A; Värnik A; Hegerl U; International Journal of Social Psychiatry
2009 Comparison of injecting drug users who obtain syringes from pharmacies and syringe exchange programs in Tallinn, EstoniaVorobjov S; Uusküla A; Abel-Ollo K; Talu A; Rüütel K; DesJarlais D; Harm reduction journal
2010 Comparison of socioeconomic differences in self-perceived health in Estonia and FinlandPärna K; Ringmets I; Scandinavian Journal of Public Health
2012 Complement factor H genetic variant and age-related macular degeneration: effect size, modifiers and relationship to disease subtypeSofat R; Casas JP; Webster AR; Bird AC; Mann SS; Yates JR; Moore AT; Sepp T; Cipriani V; Bunce C; Khan JC; Shahid H; Swaroop A; Abecasis G; Branham KE; Zareparsi S; Bergen AA; Klaver CC; Baas DC; Zhang K; Chen Y; Gibbs D; Weber BH; Keilhauer CN; Fritsche LG; Lotery A; Cree AJ; Griffiths HL; Bhattacharya SS; Chen LL; Jenkins SA; Peto T; Lathrop M; Leveillard T; Gorin MB; Weeks DE; Ortube MC; Ferrell RE; Jakobsdottir J; Conley YP; Rahu M; Seland JH; Soubrane G; Topouzis F; Vioque J; Tomazzoli L; Young I; Whittaker J; Chakravarthy U; de Jong PT; Smeeth L; Fletcher A; Hingorani AD; Int J Epidemiol
2018 Compliance with pregnancy prevention recommendations for isotretinoin in Estonia in 2012-2016Uusküla, Anneli; Pisarev, Heti; Kurvits, Katrin; Laius, Ott; Laanpere, Made; Uusküla, Maia; Drugs Real World Outcomes
2015 Contraceptive use among young women in Estonia: association with contraceptive servicesPart, Kai; Ringmets, Inge; Laanpere, Made; Rahu, Mati; Karro, Helle; European Journal of Contraception & Reproductive Health Care
2009 Contrasts in alcohol-related mortality in Estonia: education and ethnicityRahu K; Pärna K; Rahu M; Palo E; Alcohol & Alcoholism
2008 Correlates of pathological gambling in Estonia: Personality, emotional states, self-esteem,cognitive ability and decision-making strategiesKaare P-R; Tartu Ülikool: Psühholoogia instituut
2017 Cost-effectiveness of HPV vaccination in the context of high cervical cancer incidence and low screening coverageVõrno, Triin; Lutsar, Katrin; Uusküla, Anneli; Padrik, Lee; Raud, Terje; Reile, Rainer; Nahkur, Oliver; Kiivet, Raul-Allan; Vaccine
2011 Cost-effectiveness of human papillomavirus vaccines in EstoniaLutsar K; Liiv K; Palm E; Uusküla A; Kiivet R-A; Sotsiaalministeerium; Tartu Ülikool: Tervishoiu instituut
2011 Cost-effectiveness of pneumococcal vaccines in EstoniaOona M; Tamm E; Liiv K; Palm E; Saluse J; Kiivet R-A; Sotsiaalministeerium; Tartu Ülikool: Tervishoiu instituut
2011 Cost-effectiveness of rotavirus vaccines in EstoniaTamm E; Oona M; Liiv K; Palm E; Kiivet R-A; Saluse J; Sotsiaalministeerium; Tartu Ülikool: Tervishoiu instituut
2007 Costs, health effects and cost-effectiveness of alcohol and tobacco control strategies in EstoniaLai T; Habicht J; Reinap M; Chisholm D; Baltussen R; Health Policy
2014 Country-Wide Health Impact Assessment of Airborne Particulate Matter in EstoniaKesanurm, Kaisa; Teinemaa, Erik; Kaasik, Marko; Tamm, tanel; Lai, Taavi; Orru, Hans; Air Pollution Modeling and its Application
2012 Data Sharing and Shared Workflow in Medical ImagingRoss P; Tallinna Tehnikaülikool: Kliinilise meditsiini instituut
2010 Deaths of infants subject to forensic autopsy in Estonia from 2001 to 2005: what can we learn from additional information?Lang K; Pärna K; Grjibovski A M; Väli M M; Population Health Metrics
2011 Decline in alcohol consumption in Estonia: combined effects of strengthened alcohol policy and economic downturnLai T; Habicht J; Alcohol and Alcoholism
2009 Decrease in adolescent cannabis use from 2002 to 2006 and links to evenings out with friends in 31 European and north american countries and regionsKuntsche E; Simons-Morton B; Fotiou A; terBogt T; Kokkevi A; Aasvee K; Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
2015 Depoo-antipsühhootikumide kulutõhusus: tervisetehnoloogia hindamise raport TTH16Kiivet, Raul-Allan; Jaanson, Peeter; Janno, Sven; Visk, Helle; Paat-Ahi, Gerli; Tartu Ülikool. Tervishoiu instituut

Kokku: 1696 | Näitan: 184-203