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Kokku: 1762 | Näitan: 164-183

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2011 Blood Loss Related to Participation in Pharmacokinetic Study in Preterm NeonatesHeidmets LT; Metsvaht T; Ilmoja ML; Pisarev H; Oselin K; Lutsar I; Neonatology
2009 Body weight dissatisfaction and communication with parents among adolescents in 24 countries: international cross-sectional surveyAl Sabbah H; Vereecken CA; Elgar FJ; Nansel T; Aasvee K; Abdeen Z; Ojala K; Ahluwalia N; Maes L; BMC Public Health
2013 Breast cancer survival in the US and Europe: a CONCORD high-resolution studyAllemani, C; Sant, M; Weir, HK; Richardson, LC; Int J Cancer
2008 Brian MacMahon (1923-2007): founder of modern epidemiologyTrichopoulos D; Cole P; Cook EF; Feinleib M; Hoover R; Hsieh CC; Hunter D; Monson R; Mueller N; Rahu M; Rimm E; Rothman K; Stampfer M; Weiss N; Willett W; Adami HO; Cancer Causes and Control
2020 C-hepatiidi ravi kulutõhusus: tervisetehnoloogia hindamise raport TTH39Eek, Aileen; Lutsar, Katrin; Salupere, Riina; Kase, Kerstin; Kiivet, Raul-Allan; Tartu Ülikool. Peremeditsiini ja rahvatervishoiu instituut
2014 Cancer patient survival in Estonia 1995-2009: time trends and data qualityInnos, Kaire; Baburin, Aleksei; Aareleid, Tiiu; Cancer Epidemiology
2017 Cardiovascular and metabolomic profiling of osteoarthritisTootsi, Kaspar; Tartu Ülikool. Traumatoloogia ja ortopeedia kliinik
2010 Cardiovascular health-related nutrition, physical activity and fitness in EstoniaVilla I; Tartu Ülikool: Tervishoiu instituut
2010 CCL3L1 copy number is a strong genetic determinant of HIV seropositivity in Caucasian intravenous drug usersHuik K; Sadam M; Karki T; Avi R; Krispin T; Paap P; Rüütel K; Uusküla A; Talu A; Abel-Ollo K; Lutsar I; The Journal of Infectious Diseases
2020 Change in the symptom profile treated as asthma - two cross-sectional studies twenty years apartPindus, Mihkel; Orru, Hans; Jõgi, Rain; Respiratory Research
2012 Changes in care and short-term outcome for very preterm infants in EstoniaToome, L; Ringmets, I; Andresson, P; Ilmoja, M L; Saik, P; Varendi, H; Acta Paediatr.
2015 Changes in chlamydia control activities in Europe between 2007 and 2012: a cross-national surveyvan den Broek, IV; Sfetcu, O; van der Sande, MA; et al.; European Journal of Public Health
2012 Changes in high-risk sexual behaviour among Estonian adults between 1996 and 2006Liivlaid H; Uusküla A; Sexually Transmitted Infections
2012 Changes in incidence, survival and mortality of prostate cancer in Europe and the United States in the PSA era: additional diagnoses and avoided deathsNeppl-Huber C; Zappa M; Coebergh JW; Annals of Oncology
2008 Changes in physical activity in adolescent girls: a latent growth modelling approachRaudsepp L; Viira R; Acta Paediatrica
2020 Changes in therapy and survival of metastatic renal cell carcinoma in EstoniaJürgens, Hannes; Ojamaa, Kristiina; Pokker, Helis; et al; BMC Cancer
2012 Changes in treatment and mortality of acute myocardial infarction in Estonian tertiary and secondary care hospitals in 2001 and 2007Blöndal, M; Ainla, T; Marandi, T; Baburin, A; Eha, J; BMC Research Notes
2010 Changes over fourteen years in adult obesity in Estonia: socioeconomic status and use of outpatient health servicesTekkel M; Veideman T; Rahu M; Central European Journal of Public Health
2015 Chernobyl cleanup workers from Estonia: cohort description and related epidemiological researchRahu, Kaja; Rahu, Mati; Veidebaum, Toomas; et al.; Journal of Radiological Protection
2013 Chernobyl cleanup workers from Estonia: follow-up for cancer incidence and mortalityRahu, Kaja; Auvinen, Anssi; Hakulinen, Timo; Tekkel, Mare; Inskip, Peter D; Bromet, Evelyn J; Boice Jr., John D; Rahu, Mati; Journal of Radiological Protection

Kokku: 1762 | Näitan: 164-183