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2015 Behavioral interventions to reduce sexual risk behavior in adults with HIV/AIDS receiving HIV care: a systematic reviewLaisaar, Kaja-Triin; Raag, Mait; Rosenthal, Marika; Uusküla, Anneli; AIDS Patient Care and STDs
2015 Combined prevention for persons who inject drugs in the HIV epidemic in a transitional country: the case of Tallinn, EstoniaUusküla, Anneli; Des Jarlais, DC; Raag, Mait; Pinkerton, SD; Feelemyer, J; AIDS Care
2017 Effects of counselling on adherence to antiretroviral treatment among people with HIV in Estonia: a randomized controlled trialUusküla, Anneli; Laisaar, Kaja-Triin; Raag, Mait; Lemsalu, Liis; Lõhmus, Liilia; Rüütel, Kristi; Amico, KR; AIDS and Behavior
2018 Frequency and factors associated with providing injection initiation assistance in Tallinn, EstoniaUusküla, Anneli; Barnes, David M; Raag, Mait; Talu, Ave; Tross, Susan; Des Jarlais, Don C; Drug and Alcohol Dependence
2017 HIV prevalence and gender differences among new injection-drug-users in Tallinn, Estonia: a persisting problem in a stable high prevalence epidemicUusküla, Anneli; Raag, Mait; Marsh, Kristina; Talu, Ave; Vorobjov, Sigrid; Des Jarlais, Don; PLoS One
2015 Non-fatal overdoses and related risk factors among people who inject drugs in St. Petersburg, Russia and Kohtla-Järve, EstoniaUusküla, Anneli; Raag, Mait; Vorobjov, Sigrid; Rüütel, K; Lyubimova, A; Levina, OS; Heimer, R; BMC Public Health
2016 People living with HIV in Estonia: engagement in HIV care in 2013Laisaar, Kaja-Triin; Raag, Mait; Lutsar, Irja; Uusküla, Anneli; Euro Surveillance
2015 Smoking habits and attitudes towards patients' smoking among physicians in EstoniaPärna, Kersti; Raag, Mait; Paapsi, Keiu; Reile, Rainer; European Journal of Public Health
2013 The epidemiological and economic impact of a quadrivalent human papillomavirus (hpv) vaccine in EstoniaUusküla, Anneli; Müürsepp, Andres; Kawai, Kosuke; Raag, Mait; Jürisson, Mikk; Pillsbury, Matthew; BMC Infectious Diseases
2017 The impact of comorbidities on hip fracture mortality: a retrospective population-based cohort studyJürisson, Mikk; Raag, Mait; Kallikorm, Riina; Lember, Margus; Uusküla, Anneli; Archives of Osteoporosis
2017 The impact of hip fracture on mortality in Estonia: a retrospective population-based cohort studyJürisson, Mikk; Raag, Mait; Kallikorm, Riina; Lember, Margus; Uusküla, Anneli; BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders
2017 Using data from respondent-driven sampling studies to estimate the number of people who inject drugs: application to the Kohtla-Järve region of EstoniaWu, Jiacheng; Crawford, Forrest W; Raag, Mait; Heimer, Robert; Uusküla, Anneli; PLoS One

Kokku: 12 | Näitan: 1-12